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Tuesday, 10 February 2009


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Iman wants to join me
Giving smile practice is need as a counselor. Hehe..is it?I used Zetty's handphone to take my new picture without my spectacle in the class 4P.

Assalamualaikum, Hye!

There are something good to express my mood. I didn't know how to explain. But, I would love to sharing on this blog even I'm using limited english words. This cloudless morning, make my heart very cool. After reading Group Conseling Strategies and Skills's book, my mood became very good. I got something after reading this book. That's mean, after studying the past subjects, like intervention, individual counseling, I need to combine and applicate what I have learn for the group. Everything is same, but what the different is how to applicate in group counseling. Actually, I hope too, God will keep up my mood to read this book. Simple english in Jacob, Masson and Havill book make me easy to understand even I'm not good in english.

Tomorrow, my class untill 7.00 p.m. Usually on Wednesday, make me tired. Probably, tomorrow I will be tired too. Normal! Start at 8.00 am till 11.00 a.m for ethic's subject, 11.00-1.00 p.m for educational group (lab) and 4.00 p.m- 7.00 p.m 4P (University's subject). I hate for the timetable arrangement, but no more choices, because I need to rush to pray at the limited time 4.00 p.m-7.00 p.m. Sometimes, we were asking for 4P (chinese lecturer) to stop the class early as long we get to pray for Asar.

Too much rambling, so, I need to cutt-off. I learn alots, about cutting off, drawning out for group, for tonight after reading that book. Hurm,.I just want to improve my english writing, so, my fingers started to dance. Hehe..! I want to take a nap.

Thank You,.

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