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Saturday, 25 April 2009

English Forum

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I am reading for the next chapter for 4P subject. I need a breath of fresh air. My mind very tired. Better to stop! So, without wasting my time, I had joined the english forum by surfing the internet to release my mind. I hope with a big heart, I can improve my language soon by joining this forum; who want to learn english. A forum for everyone interested in English will help me. I do not know who are administrator for this forum. Very good forum board. Neglect it. So funny, I had killed two birds with one stone. But, one bird was died ( 4P subject) because I had focused for forum. It is okay to get back my mood.

"Big Heart With A Fantastic Dream"

Grasp The Stars

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I sit alone at an old bench
My fingers draw the stars at the white sand
I look and I smile alone
The stars that I was draw very beautiful
But I cannot touch the stars
Because it just an illusion and just only a sketch

I sit alone at the beach
My fingers touch the beach
And dip to the water
Very cold and the water drop one by one
The waves come and the drop water from my fingers
goes by the heavy waves

I sit alone at the flowers garden
Many beautiful flowers
I love to pluck the flower but I think I will hurt them
So, I just smell the pink rose
Many thorn and It will hurt me too
I was keep my smile to look this scenery
To go far through this journey in this garden

Because many experiences I was faced
Either I want to draw the star or want to smell the rose
Certaintly it is not an illusion
Because I will touch the rose's thorn
Even it will hurt me
As long my big illusion will be possible
And I will use the thorn to draw the stars
Because life is a journey not a destination
Think possible you will get the possible results
The times will come

"It is better to love what you do and find occasional fault than to never live happy at all. The entire motive for becoming a success is to experience joy and self-satisfaction as you advance. If you continue striving towards the things you are passionate about, you will eventually find what you are looking for."

Poem wrote by,
"Big heart With A Fantastic Dream"


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This day is precious day for myself enough. No more stress but the only one thing that I need to focuses is for my killer subject. But, this day totally I am taking a rest. Perhaps, I will relax untill this evening because I need to free before I want to make my smart revison. Smart? Really?Huhu. So, this time I will get more relaxs.Hahaha. But, at 8.00 p.m I will start to focus back.

I love to write again. This is about confidentiality. Confidentiality is very important and what the scale you want to say that your are good secret keeper and a good confidential? 1-10? Counseling teach me more about confidentiality. For a 22 years I breath, I am very lucky because still have good friends but, I do not care who want to know about my self because I do not have many secret and I am also do not like gossips about others! Too much wasting time, right?But, what the confidential for myself is care about others secret and confidential. Once you burst out others secret, It is bad personality and it show your weakness. Especially for counselor need to be a private human because they need to aware about their client privacy inspite of counselor need to give information if emergency cases.

On the other hand, confidentiality is need in counseling group. There are two issues regarding confidentiality. First the leader ethical for keeping material confidential and the leader lack of total control regarding members keeping matters confidential. It is unethical if the leader divulge information to anyone except any cases. There are exceptions to this rule.

Whatever in this life, we need to think twicely before we talk. Because, once we talk, many we will share. So, find the true person to share your privacy. We need to be more becareful before we ashamed. Confidential is everything. Allah will keep your disgrace if you keeping other disgrace. Insyaallah.

Let's think:

"Being personable is a key ingredient to accomplishing the respect of others. It's important for you to be able to get along with as many different types of people as possible. By doing so you will find it much easier to get the support when you are attempting to lead others to the promise land."

"Big heart With A Fantastic Dream"


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