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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lovely Grandmother

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This silent morning, the collague's residence still on the bed. Nothing to do at 4.00 a.m and by streching the head forward to the window, nothing can I see. Empty morning. I had listened someone coughing. I can't close my eyes, actually. What happened to me? I did not take rice for 2 days. I do not have any mood to go to cafetaria. Just eating the bread and Maggi. Perhaps, calories in my body will decrease. Maybe, tomorrow I will take the rice. I miss my granny alot. What she is doing now?With whom she sleeps? My grandfather died since I was in form 4. My granny is too old now. She is alone in her house. But, my granny's brother and her sister's home is near by hers. I think she is missing me too. For along time I did not back to my hometown, Thailand. History of mine is there. I like to eat and cook with her. While I am eating, she will wait and will look at me with a sweet smiles. I will invited her to join. Maybe, she likes to see her grand daughter to eat first. We are sharing alots! Many histories about our family she told to me. I will patiently listened to her and she take care of myself since I was too young, 3 years old, I live with her. She will give me a bottle of milk before I sleep. Untill now, I can see the history of milk's bottle when I return to my home village, Thailand. She was keeping the milk's bottle as long as, I will remember that I was live with her while I am a younger.

Everywhere she goes, I will follow her and she will not leave me alone. She will sleep with me and when I need her, she will come. She cares of myself until my ages 7 years. But, even my ages 7 years, I still back to my hometown and we are very close. I will cry If my mum brought me back to my home. How close I am, with her? I hope, she is in a good health. I always pray to her as long she is well. I miss her and I want to visit her soon when the holidays come. I will wait for the best holidays with her.

It is all about my grand mother, Hajjah Safiyah Bt Haji Walong, 80 years.

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