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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Pictures Memories

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Too much tension right now, my body feel very cold. While I'm doing; half for my assigment, urgently I need to stop. Headace is very critical. Seriously, I want take 2 tablet for paracetamol. Maybe I need a rest and turn off this laptop. But, I can't. My eyes still don't want to close. Too much assignments, and I don't want to waste my holidays. Time is everything. I don't want to do my assignment last minute, Cik Nani assignment still not yet; for the couple assignment. But, I'm still cool in doing what I do. I hate " KELAM KABUT". Laptop is everything too. I had open the past pictures.

Oklah.Enough! My grammar is too much broken. I got to go.

Thank You.

Greatest Memories

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My Friends and I will be the greatest educator soon. InsyaALLAH!

Good Counselor will be. InsyaAllah!Takbir!hehe

Strict prefect. This picture was taken by My Teacher: Lower 6
~Me in the middle~
Assalamualaikum. Hye!

I would love to share with you about the greatest moments in my life that I was through for 5 years ago. I'm strict prefect. I think the high risk guys hate me too much. If Dr.Jazimin in his blog told that he like a Hitler, mybe I'm the one. I'm very strict you know! No more consideration and no more excuse if the students undiciplines. I'm still remember the moment that I was agry to my junior ( boy) because he is the top gangstar in my school. I called his name loudly and he was make me out of control. He is the top problem student. No one can advice and my teacher scared to him too. I'm very sensitive with the students who are not dicipline. I'm very cruel is it?

With others student, I don't have any problems and we're close; they were good. I love too much my junior. So, that's why they are still know and remember my name untill now (truely). But, that boy made my heart sick! He like bullied other students, disturb the girls and always protest what teacher said. One day, I asked him why he was wear yellow shoes, and why not wear canvas shoes? I asked him softly, and told him as long as he do not do it again. But he is very stubborn. I got response from him and jeer me back. No more choice. Lastly, I can't controll my emotion. The fire burst! The empty hall echoed by my voice. Hahaha..So, funny,..I looked, like dicipline teacher. Lastly, the boy get out from the hall. His face became white. From that, he scared to me. I felt unfinished bussines, so I meet him, told him one by one and I'm not angry to him, but angry with his attitude. It's me..the strict prefect for 5 years ago.

Too different now. Afiti for 5 years ago not same Afiti for years 2006 untill now, . Tolerent is need and I will become a counselor. What I have learn, I'm appreciate so much, because It was teach my self too. And I feel so happy with my self now, I'm not stress with heart problems. If, I'm angry with someone, I feel so hurt. I don't like. Hate..hate! So, that's why, counseling is my aim and my heart like the calm waterfall (gituew).

Thanks God so much. I love to be an educator and I want them together with me to realize their dreams and I love to see my students soon. I want to be a professional teacher. From that stage, I can arrange my feet to get other stages. InsyaAllah. I live because my aim to help others as long they will success and be a good human being.

So, belief in God that human will develop and human behaviour will improve to get good manner. It's all about, "We Learn From Mistakes".


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