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Saturday, 22 May 2010

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Hye uolls...

No time, no blogging.Huh!

By the way, the practicum is over. I'm waiting for my graduation day. Now, I need to prepare for my new "task". National Reasearch Innovative Competition (NRIC) is around the corner. I'm the one. Thank God, because gives me the chances, and I got the silver medal for "Research Student's Innovation 2010". And now I believe my life will change and I hope my dream will be come true.

Tomorrow, I will go to UPSI and 25th May 2010, I will be at USM. Wish me luck. I always saying that " Saya berhak peroleh apa yang saya inginkan, kerana telah 23 tahun saya berusaha untuk mencapai keinginan dan cita-cita saya. Saya yakin pada Allah, kasihankan orang-orang yang rajin berusaha". Succes and failure is normal. As a human, we must effort and struggle till the end of life. Believe in yourself.

Now, I'm staying at Meru, Kapar, Klang before going to UPSI.

Hehe...crazy mode right?

"Big Heart With Fantastic Dream"

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