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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Appreciation Night

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"United We Stand Devided We Fall"


I'm already finished my works. So tired right now. If I'm very tired, I will look the past album. I think it is the way to release my tension. Mybe, my cognitive is "TEPU" because too much work need to settle down!!!

He is My Principle. I'm respect him because he is fleksibel person. Enjoy, serious, dicipline, joker(hehe) and good adviser too...Everything lah!Hahaha En.Zul also my counseling lecturer.

En.Anizan is very funny. He is our Hostel Manager.

I got it. Now, everything became my memories

"An experiences will come If we want it and the chance to get an experiences is more easy,.but it will be difficult If we loose!"

All the pictures was taken on 2008 while I was in semester 4. Now, I'm in semester 6. Everything I was leave and put in my heart as the gold experience!

My Only God

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Assalamualaikum. Hye!

The unexpected moment for today really happened in my life. Perhaps, it is one reciprocation for me to strengthen back our relationship with my beloved teacher because for a long time ago we did not meet. I think, 4 or 5 years ago after I leave my school. Before this, we just massage via the phone and If I meet my teacher for sudden incident only. My teacher is very advanced. We communicate via the internet using YM. Truely, YM is very good channel to connect with my old friends. Cikgu Mad is among; my teacher that I'm very respect and he teach us alot of values aspect. We are success to get one stage to learn at university because teachers spirits that was sharing by him too. Now, he is studying for his master in leadership education. Good Luck for You!

"To get the knowledge, no limits in studying, and I will too. I want to study and learn untill I get the top stage in my field, and the world will know who is A-F-I-T-I. Education is my field. The only God is knowing the words of my heart. I will face all the obstacles. I will, Insyaallah!!! "


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