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Thursday, 3 December 2009


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Hye to all bloggers. My finger miss so much to dance on this blog. I'm staying at Tanjong Malim for this semester break. I got a job. Truely, I don't like if I did not spend my time wisely and let my time fly away. I have many plans before I leave UPSI. It is not mean I'm not love my family and leave my hometown. Love so much to stay at home. But I have planning. Now, I'm working at Institut Peradaban Melayu, UPSI. Experience is everything in the process to be a good human. I need to make evolution for myself. I'm working here because I want to decipline myself. I always late to class while I was a student in UPSI. So, I'm trying to motivate and train back myself to be more dicipline before I'm in my field; practicum. I like to think out of the box as long I will aim my focus. But, in planning my future, I need to arrange my steps smoothly. Many hopes and dreams I want to archieve. So, what I have do and to do now is, none stop to learn. It is values added for myself.

I'm aware that I'm the eldest. I have many responsibilities to my family. My father was pass away and I have the only one, My mum. I have two brothers and I come from moderate family. My father taught me to survive myself and be more indipendent. So, I learn alots from my father. I don't want to look back to grasp my aim. Truely, I want to be someone in educational field. The carier that I want to archieved is "professional lecturer" soon. I love to join the research and education. So, I need to focus well. So, I hope Allah will give me a hand to myself. InsyaALLAH. I want my brothers also success. I want to grasp my father's dreams. I'm always pray for myself, my parent, my sibling, my teachers and lecturers and my friends too. I hope we will success with barakah. InsyAllah.

What I need to focus is:

1. My job as editor (with a writer), and to get my income (Institut Peradaban Melayu)
2. My plan with Faiz to make research in writing and my lecturer will help us too (for my part is "HUBUNGAN MANUSIA DENGAN PENCIPTA)
3. Learn English (learning by writing via blog's medium)

I will spend my time wisely. I can feel that my dreams will come true. InsyAllah...!!!

And for practicum, I will survive..InSyaALLAH!

Truely, I am very sad because I can't together with my comrades to come to the class as routine. It is the last semester for us. This night Bakrie, Fauzi, Jehan, Kak Sarah,Kamal, Mail and I will go to KFC. Tomorrow they will back to home. Memories with them I can't forget and others too. I am sure that I will miss to sit together in the class. Here are some of picture that we went to picnic on yesterday (I will put after back from work) and hang out at KFC.


KFC Hour

Like a ball



Mrs. Sporting

Which one my drink?


Candite lol

Future counselors

Posing..the bottle is not mine..hehe

UPSI Model, Bakrie

UPSI new lecturer soon, Mr Fauzi..hehe

UPSI new TNC soon, Jehang..hehe

UPSI new lecturer too, Kak Sarah..hehe

and myself..with big heart to survive this life


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