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Friday, 6 February 2009


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My brother well known as Abang Adam helped me to handle peers because I'm not well. So, my plans was changed. Perhaps, I will meet my students next Saturday. " Human could plan, but Allah will determine what we have planned". Thanks alot to Abang Adam. He is very altruisme person that I was meet and good counseling applicator(hoho..! suit or not i'm using the word "applicator"). The criteria what he have makes me respect him as a good brother.

Sick..Sick and sick..!Bloody nose,.and hurt for my backbone.Waduh...!

Thank Yaa,.

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This sleepy morning make me very calm. The time is 3.05 a.m. I watched Hollywood film "Aquarimarine"at 1.00 a.m after reading Group Counseling's book written by Jacobs. I tried harder and harder to understand the contents from the book that I had read. It is enough for 5 pages for one night as long as I understand what I was read in english. Actually, I tried to read because Puan Junainah, want me get ready to fulfill my cognitive with new information about education group. Another delightful point is, I voluntered to read with the big hope, I want to improve my english as well. "No more excuse If you want it" is my belief. But do not doing something rushly because the aha will loose thus I need patiently. Everyone has target to get their vision. So, it is my target, this semester, I want to learn english via this blog. It is good to learn slowly than do not learn anything is it??..!

My proposal will be proceed. So, I had registered and my focus about experimental proposal. I hope, I will get good supervisor soon and I want to learn form her/him. What the most important things is, I learn from my work (proposal) and I will get big values from myself and I want others get something too soon. InsyaAllah!

Wow, very interesting I look for my roomate sleep. But, my eyes can't close. Tomorrow I will lead for peers group for presentation. A bit little sharing about the peers. I think, this semester is very struggles for my self to handle an older than me. The class will start at, 10.00 a.m for B's Group. I hope for tomorrow, they will different for the past class and I will give the mark for their module presentation. If their attitude showing bad, I will give low mark for them. Please alert for this!!! Actually, I hope they are giving their co-operation and morality and try to learn even they are older than me. For me, moral aspects is very crutial as a peer.

I sat on empty chair and I look for my result again and again. My (PNGK) is not too excellent. Just nothing interesting. I reflected back for my bad result since I was in third semester. Damn shit!!!I have big problems, and I'm in frustration untill broken my heart thus my result down. But, I got new spirit, for the fourth semester, I got dean list and fifth semester, I got it too. Because the third semester, my result (PNGK) very bad. I hope, I will grad at least 3.5 in my grasp because now my PNGK I didn't get 3.5 even my PNGS 3.5 and above. Third semester is my black experience but because the black, I got what I want right now. The most important thing, I will try my best to improve my achieve. I need to multitasking to apply what I had learn.
I hope too, my family will proud for my self and I will realize my aim. Because I am AFITI.

I think, I will stop and It will be continued next tomorrow. Now, my bed is totally is mine.

Thank You..,

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