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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sweet Moment

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I'm easy going and not shy to join them, but as a counselor will be, I need to learn and try to sit in other shoes.

This Corrando belongs: En.Azhar

Assalamualaikum, Hye!

Wake up early in the morning, reminds me to God that He still give me "The Chance To Live". Without His Chance, My fingers can't dances. Yesterday, My Friend, Zaim, told me about "Sakaratul Maut" on YM, and I need to watch the video. If not, I'm lost the chance. So, without think too much, I did! Oh, God, I think too much sins that I was done. The first impression, I'm not too scared while watching the video, but, my lips and my eyes close hardly.

"Kak Asssssss..........!"
"Yer,..Naper Fiti..?"

Kak As rushed close to me and I said that I'm scared. So, we watch that video together. I can't explain too much, but If you want to watch that video, you can tell me and I will give you for sharing. Perhaps, your empty heart, will sank after wacthing that video. Automatically, reflections from your heart begin. Huhu.

Enough for "Sakaratul Maut Video"

For a while, I was open my album in my laptop. It makes me returned to my moments that I never forget. " Times is Gold". The past time can't back but, you can flashback the memories and moments through your experiences. Like Me too. I like playing the outdoor games. For the last moment; was Four Wheel Drive with Upsi and UiTM lecturers in Hutan Lipur Pahang . My Friend and I was join them. The best experience make me appreciate and care about our nature.

Hurm, I need to stop because I want to pray. The time showed 6:25 a:m. See ya,.

Thank You,..

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