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Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Assalamualaikum and good afternoon.

For a long time I didn't jott down any entry via this blog. The time is fullfil with abundance of assignments. I was stayed at library from the morning untill the night. I'm involve in stress mood because alot of assignment still didn't finish. At the same times, thesis need to settle down. To avoid from comfort zone, I am stayed at library. If I returned to home, I will sleepy. Huh! It just on purpose to finish my works. Stop! Eventhough I write about the busy life, I still need to go on. It is the last semester and I will be my last moment as upsian. To look the difference of person is, look how the person manage the time wisely.

I was register one of my blog for IT education competition through the blog. It only just spending my time. I hope, this semester will be ending by great moments. I do not have any ideas to write. So, wait for my next entries. I'm tired and need to sleep now because at 8.00 am I need to go to lecture. See you.

With that, Thank You.
"Big Heart With A Fantastic Dream"

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