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Monday, 26 October 2009

The Last Moment


With the white rose

Judges on that night...huhu

Try to choose and choose who is the winner..they were catwalk too fast and made me difficult to give the marks..hahaa..belasah ajaa...

Laip is joker..uhuhhu

Try to candite myself..uhhuhu

Yati and me

Myself without spekk daa..

Iman..upsi model..huhuhu
Jehang the havoc guy at Taman Bernam

Me and Sal...ex-housemate
Me and Dila
Me and my friends
Yati and me

Myself in white shawl
We're Taman Bernam's gang..but Im the only one girl..huhuhu

Me and Illyani

Salmi and I
Wanie and I...so sweet

The last moments that never end..what we have done is the experiences for us and friendship among us is forever. I hope that we will success in our field and go through to be an excellent counselors. Great!!!!

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