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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Well Done!

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For a long time I did not write any words for this blog. Now I'm big hearted to appreciate my younger brother because was put the best for STPM. Lastly, he get what he want, CGPA 3.58. Well done!I'm the eldest and I'm the role model to my brothers. This is the first step for you to follow others steps and never look back. I hope you will be someone soon and I hope my brother will always succes in his life. Just one word I want to say " Our parent will proud when three of us succes in our life and be the best son and daughter to our parent"I will lend my ears and my hand for you, and I'm happy for you, Well Done!!!.For sure, papa willl happy for your succes!

Thanks to Al-Mighty God.


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