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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Travelling, Study


Too much stories is in my heart. For the first, Al-fatihah to Mohd Farhan (Paan Lee), blogger's friend. He had passed away after hari raya. Good boy had returned to Allah S.W.T.

I just want to share about my travelling for three days. The 5 researchers (also my ex-lecturers) and I went to Quality Hotel for " research- instrument workhsop". It is not easy without any commitment for the research (busy). They are an excellent lecturers. I like the way they are thinking...By the way, I had arranged to go there, about budgeting, paperwork, invoice, approval from research management...it is my learning process. Definitely, I'm proud to see the research will success. What,....my bos and I had planned, become reality. Before this, I had plan to work as research assistant with my lecturers. Allah was listen to me. Thanks God!. Untill today, it means I had work 4 month with him, Dr.Nasir. He is (my bos (now), my ex-lecturer taught me alots. Thanks Dr! I feel in love about the research...enjoy and interesting...

Quality Hotel at KL is near by Sogo in the middle of the town. Best accomodation... I think. My stomach always full. Omai God!Comfortable room is the most important...But, I will go to counselling setting soon...I will let the research..Sad but happy (unstable feeling right?).About my master study also in the process....just trust in God...I had success for interview, counselor will be....(will go for further study + work ).

Happy Deepavali to all Malaysian especially my ex-Hindu's student

I wanna continue my crafting..facebook, watching television..Bye!

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xplorer on 04 November, 2010 said...

al fatihah , it's really shocking although i didn't knew him personally but he frequently commented on my blog saying that he wish he could travel they way i did .he passed away at the age of 23. A reminder that life is too short not to be .



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