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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Grasp The Stars

I sit alone at an old bench
My fingers draw the stars at the white sand
I look and I smile alone
The stars that I was draw very beautiful
But I cannot touch the stars
Because it just an illusion and just only a sketch

I sit alone at the beach
My fingers touch the beach
And dip to the water
Very cold and the water drop one by one
The waves come and the drop water from my fingers
goes by the heavy waves

I sit alone at the flowers garden
Many beautiful flowers
I love to pluck the flower but I think I will hurt them
So, I just smell the pink rose
Many thorn and It will hurt me too
I was keep my smile to look this scenery
To go far through this journey in this garden

Because many experiences I was faced
Either I want to draw the star or want to smell the rose
Certaintly it is not an illusion
Because I will touch the rose's thorn
Even it will hurt me
As long my big illusion will be possible
And I will use the thorn to draw the stars
Because life is a journey not a destination
Think possible you will get the possible results
The times will come

"It is better to love what you do and find occasional fault than to never live happy at all. The entire motive for becoming a success is to experience joy and self-satisfaction as you advance. If you continue striving towards the things you are passionate about, you will eventually find what you are looking for."

Poem wrote by,
"Big heart With A Fantastic Dream"

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