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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Laughter Therapy


Today I want to share with you a relaxation technique, and I'm also finding
YouTube a great resource for this technique.

What is it?


In fact, laughter is so healing that there is something out there called Laughter Yoga. It involves laughing for no reason. I can't quite get into that idea. It's so much more enjoyable to listen to or watch something funny.

There are so many videos on YouTube that can make you laugh. Now, everyone's sense of humor is different, so I hope you enjoy these, but forgive me if they're not quite your cup of tea.

Still, not many would fail to be amused by a baby's laughter. Here are two short videos that truly crack me up, while warming my heart:

"Baby Laughing at the Wii"


"Best ever laughing baby"

I can't help laughing out loud with them! If you like them, there are countless laughing babies on YouTube. Just look at the "related videos" to the right or search for "laughing babies" and you'll find an abundance of adorable babies laughing their sweet little heads off! Our subliminal videos won't make you laugh out loud, like these videos, but they will make you feel good - and bring you an abundance of prosperity and well-being. Now that's relaxing!

This email from Noel John. Thank You.

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