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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Relaxation Entry

Thinking about My Life. What will happen for tomorrow and 5 years more?Ambitious,..
Wait and wait...


Try to read erk,..

"Afiti, mu ni yolo ko tak dok gewe lagi?"

"Yola..takdok lagi, bakpo..mu nok tulung cari ko?"

"Tak dok benda lain ko nok tanyo, baso ni..tapi tok saloh pung,.."My heart said.

I laugh alone when remembering that question from my close friend. It is very privacy. My mum and auntie also asked me, either I have a boy or not. I think they are very serious to get "menantu and anak sedara baru". Woha..!I had explained one by one to them and they were respected me.

"Baguh la gitu gak, kalu tak dok gewe, belajar wi sungguh" Said my mommy.

"Tok leh Ti, sekure-kure keno pikir jugok sebab kalu kijo gak tok de doh nok pikir"Said my aunt, Jalilah.

I'm very introvert if they were discuss about this topic. But for another topic, I will become more extrovert. For me, too much plan and focus for my life. I'm also think about my own family and if I'm ready, the time will come. InsyaAllah. But I'm very different with my second brother. He was told my mum that he want marry when he is 24 years. My eyes stared to him and my mum very sporting and opened about this.

"Blaja tok lah mano lagi, pikir nok nikoh doh. Ore jate takpo nikoh lambat pung, mu ngaji wi berjaya dulu gak" Said me.

But I know he is very matured to think about his own life and family. He is very opened to discuss about this topic. He is too different with me; I want both of my life ( my ambition and my marriage) success and I don't like to share with others about this; all the short plan and long term plan was in my mind. But my brother said, he want married early. To discuss about this I'm very shy. Now, no need to discuss about this, because I think I know what the planning for my life, It is all in my heart and my cognitive. I can't share, because it is very meaningful for my life and I will wait for that; sunshine life. I don't want to explain too much. I'm waiting for the times to come,..

Too much thing I need to settle down lah. Who don't want to married? Normal lahh..If the time comes, go on jer lah..

What the character; I like?

Of course honest and sincere. I'm not too rigid in love. I like the humble person, low profile (at the same time, having own aura), have own personality, not poyo and do not hard nose, and the person who can guide me in ISLAM,. Just surrender to God lah! I'm pragmathic and storage style in love. (Counseling and Psyhology students will know what the mean). InsyAllah. Pheewit,.gatai!...why I'm too jiwang ni..???

Illustration picture

My auntie, Jalilah, married while she was 30 years (too late), my auntie, Mak Adik, 23 (on the way she was practicum) and her life also quite good.


" Tak kiralah kawin muda ke, kalau dah ada jodoh tak ke mana. Kawin awal pun, masih lagi berjaya capai cita-cita, Kalau dah terbuka hati, sampailah masanya, semuanya rezeki Tuhan"I'm always rasionalize my cognitive.

Just for sharing, not important entry pun. Huhu..

Xong Xi Fa Chai,
Thank You,..

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