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Saturday, 24 January 2009


This picture was taken : 2008
Assalamualaikum.., Hye!


F- Focus (I know what I do)/ Finder
I~Intellectual (InsyaALLAH)

What I don't like:-

1.Smelly Body
2. Smoke
3. Liar (Make me traumatic)
4. The words "Tikam Belakang"(For me it is very over words). Mybe it is suit to use " Liar"
5. Speak too over and no points
6. Throw the food (because I believe It will "Mewarisi Papa Kedana")
7. The people who are think theirself is very perfect and others not perfect
8. Hipocrite
9. The people who are not respect the olders and teachers
10. Egoistic ( "Tak akui kelebihan orang,tapi selalu melihat kelemahan orang")
11.Over forced...You think you're comando@army?huhu

What the behavior need i said "Please". Rasional or not erk?

1. Please brushes your teeth and care your mouth (Smelly)
2. Please shampoo your hair and care about your ears
3. Please don't ask me what I'm doing, mybe I have different hobbies not same with You.
4. Please think before talk
5. Please don't blame people without any prove
6. Please forgive me If I'm wrong
7. Please don't call me Fiti but please call me "Afiti"
8. Please believe your self
9 Please God,..bla..bla..
10. Please do not disturbed me when I focus and doing my job
11.Please don't force me,.let me doing my job enjoyable

What My routine:-

1.Motivate and reflection my self
2. Pray to God after solah; If too rushing; just "Al-Fatihah and pray to (My parent and teachers)
3. Write
4. Think and plan for tomorrow and next days before sleep
5. Surf internet; reading the blogs
6. Cook- En.Zul will public canning If he know,..huahuahua..
7. Go to class
8. Read the book if I have the time. Even I page, I will read one page/day especially before sleep
9. Arrange my file on my desk after class
10. I'm believe to myself and I want to help people outside.

Bad episodes of Mine:-

1. First semester untill 3rd; always went to class late. But now, I changed it. Learn..and learn...While at school, i was very early.Now, I'm back to my self, try to early go to lectures.
2. Don't like for objective Q's for final.
4. Like to sleep too late. Can stay up untill morning.
5. Put the money "kok se kok dan"
6. Always forget where is my handphone~En.Aziz told it is necessary he get ready a box for my self in his office. I don't know. If at home, I will put on my desk, but, in his room, I will forget, where is my handphone. Hish..mybe he will tell me "nyanyuk"~uikk..
7.Even sleeping too late, wake up normally 6.05 a.m- 6.15 a.m. Sometimes, if wake up 6.30-6.40 a.m, it make me very rushing for directly solah Subuh and after that take a bathe and and I will sleep again.Haha..Arghh! Damn!If too late, no more sleep again, get ready to go to class.
8. Frusted in love and frusted for " Something"- Funny if I'm thinking again and again
9. My handphone LG was lost (2005)
10. Frusted for My result PMR, SPM

My self:-

1. Empathy
2. Complicated and serious doing assignment or my job
3. Easy Going
4. Understanding
5. Social Person
6. Talkative
7. Varieties of Interest and like to sharing
8. Extrovert
9.Like to think critically and explore, Like to think different with others
10. Like to eat (New Hobby) and cooking (starting my age 6 years I learn to cook Maggi from my auntie and until now, I like to cook, whatever lah..)
11. Always pray to God to meet someone
12.Will cry if too pity with others
13. Sometimes, I will be a joker "Gila-gila"-Faiz said, kadang-kadang skema, kadang-kadang gila-gila! Of course I will make his "Perut buncit pecah"-Hahaha!
14. Very respect to others and Positive for others abilities.
15. Sensitive for broken Malay Language
16.Etc..Just me know.."Biarlah Rahsia"

Thank You,..

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