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Saturday, 24 January 2009

~You Are..!~


This entry will be focus about "Friendship". I like to make friends with people around me. Based on the criteria I love to make friends.

1. Understanding
2. Honest and Altruisme
3. Moderate Person
4. Not Egoistic
5. Directly if I'm wrong
6. Happy Go Lucky and matured (Not mengada-ngada)
7. Realistic and rasional
8. Different hobbies because I love varieties personality;That's why I will know my friends uniquely
9. Not Individualistic
10.Low Profile but she/he have charism

However, it is the parts of criteria who is closed to me. I love to make friends with people around me and I'm not descriminism; because YOU ARE VERY GREAT and I LOVE MY FRIENDS

Thank You,..

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