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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Will Be An Educator and Counselor

Zeti, Me( like pregnant women..iskk!), A'ai, Muniey, Iman

Assalamualaikum, Hye!

11.00 p.m, 23rd, January 2009. This picture was taken by practicum caunselor from UPSI. We went to SMKA Slim River to discuss with Mama, Puan Maimon for our assignment project. Our project will be held at school on 20th until 22nd February 2009. We will focus our project to gain reading skills and mind map skills for students form 1 and 2. Overall, the objectives is totally focus on academic. How to encourage the students to read inconjunction with NILAM's program? Our team have 10 members. I'm very proud when meet mama, and her spirit. I know her commitment and she is a very hard working counselor. The counseling room is very theraputic and many students like to go to her room. I can see the cultures in this school and the students very smart too. I hope, we can co-operate with this school's organisation for our programmes. It is one of our experience for us before practicum. Overall, our assignment has too much outdoor programmes that we need to handle. I hope, this program will be the one stage for us. It i will supervise by our lecturer, En.Aziz Yatim. He want, counseling students will be more advance and we will become the great counselor soon. InsyaAllah.

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