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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Empower Yourself


Self empowering is vital to us as one machanism to build up our personality. By empowering yourself, your will get many benefit and feedback to improve yourself. The varieties ways you can do to realize it. I will analysis how to empower yourself in three dimensions.

First, empower your cognitive. The way you think, it is showing your personality. To be a creative and critise thinker, you must have a lots of knowledge. The knowledge is belongs to whom; which is like to reading and finding experiences. The formula for being a good reader is, you get ready with 5Q's (What, Who, Which, Whom, Where). Not only that, by seeing others, you will have many potential to empower your cognitive. While you see others, try to look what they are doing and try to process your cognitive as well. It is the free gift for you! Cognitive's training also is need. Try to spend your time to play some games that encourage you to think; like chess, sahiba, drawing and so on.

Next, empower your behaviour. Everyone will spot at you if you are have good attitudes. To be a pioneer, you need to spend your time with positive social habits. Avoid from the gengsterism, playing truant the classes, smoking, and join good activities. On the other hand, try to close to our Creator and believe that; He will care of us. Please appreciates yourself and your parent. Respect others is also the way to empower yourself and try to communicate with others as well. Genuine to yourself and many people will like you. But do not hypocrite. We are not the best, but we can put our best to learn.

Empower your affective is also one of the process to be a good human. Stress management is need because If you are stressed, you will face many problems. Recently, many programmes about Emotion and Spiritual Quotient. So, you can join to learn and manage your emotion and spiritual. It is the one way for you to gain your affective effectively. No one can change your life except yourself!

Empower yourself!

With that, Thank You.
"Big Heart With A Fantastic Dream"

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xplorer on 12 May, 2009 said...

what time is it.It's time to tido for me as it is now midnight and i need to work tomorrow,he he


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