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Tuesday, 28 April 2009



I would like to share about the student's life challenging. The wonderful moments is; you are appreaciates your campus life. An excellent students not only a bookworm, but you need to active. It is good if you're get both of it. The reasons you do not have the chances, too busy, a lot of assignments it is normal because it is your responsibilities. If you say that you're not interest to join activities, you will loss. Yes! Our priority is to study but it is the value added for you. You will not develop, if your routine just attending the class.

There a some tips how you want to be an active undergraduate. First, join any club. From that, you will arrange many activities to do. It is the good advantages for you to train and improves yourself to handle the activities. With that, you can get many experiences.You can learn a lot!

Do not be just a follower in activities, but try to join the organisations. The best experiences is you learn the situation in organisation and you will know to handle it. Remember! Maybe you will face some difficulties to adapt yourself with others around you. But, this is the bonus for you because you will learn something in your life. You will train your communication skills ; how to communicate with others and the life as a representatives. It is wonderful moments. It is not an easy to join organisation, but you can try. Believe that you will get something for yourself soon.

Next, you need to be hardworking. If you are hardworking, many people will respect you. But, please be aware that maybe some people will take advantage to be a bystander and do not want to work with you and it is your role to attract your partner to settle the works together. Remember that, you cannot work alone in organisation because you need to help each others and work together. You need to hardwork to help others and please cope from prejudice. Once you help others, others will help you soon.

Besides, try to manage your time effectively. If you have many programmes in one time, please devide the job properly with other members. Maybe you will face some difficulties. But, it is your role as long you do not have any quarrel and the consideration is yours. With that, you will learn to manage your cognitives and affectives smoothly. Automatically, you will learn how to manage your time if you are busy. The correlation among the members is need because you need to understand each others.

You need to know your accountabilities and please do not pass your accountabalities to others because you will show your weakness. Others will not respects you and be realistic. If you just want to be a leader, you can't because the leader need to work too. The best is, you are working together. If you can't catch up, please tell to them as long they will understand you.

Lastly, try to be a pioneer. If you are handle some programmes, try to invite all students, not only some people can join your programmes. Beneficiance is need to all and your programmes will give some effect to others, it is the best. What the problems is, some programmes just involve certain students and it is not holistic. So, try to be a pioneer to others. After the programmes, you need to do a postmortem to estimate about the programmes.

These are some tips for you how to be an effective undergraduate because you will know many accomplishments and new skills before you are going to the setting. You will! What you gives, you will get back. Thank you.

"Big Heart With A Fantastic Dream"

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arifrusli on 28 April, 2009 said...

ooh wow! suka berpersatuan :) memang best! hehheehe

Anonymous said...

This is a very good idea. Creat a blog as a medium of leraning avtivites. Cakap dekat murid saya Faiz tu biar dia bina blog juga.Taifor

AFITI on 29 April, 2009 said...

arif....suka suki berpersatuan ttp di sanoobari..huhu

AFITI on 29 April, 2009 said...

Ckgu Taifor,..trima kasih singgah...dia juga ada blog...


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