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Friday, 30 January 2009

Love is Abstract

"The Girl who is very hyperactive5--aduii..Peace!!!"
Assalamualaikum, Hye!

Love and belonging, makes our life perfect! Without love, our heart is totally empty. Love can be devide in many parts. It is depends to our self what we're thingking about the means of Love. If the love is fulfill in our heart surely, it is difficult to express because love is abstract.

My Love is:-

1. My God, because of Him,.I'm here right now.
2. Our Prophet (I can't describe who is him, but I will try to know and meet him soon,
3. My Self (Love to Much)!!!Do, You?
4. My Mommy, Papa, Mok (My Granny) and my siblings.
5. My teachers
6. My comrades
7. What I have and will have soon. I'm aprreciate what I have.
7. YOU! Who are reading this entry.

Thank You,.because give me your time to read this entry.

3 Your Comments::

akubah said...

where is like a someone special? hehe

(ntah betul ke x BI aku ni)hahaa

akubah said...

where is he like a someone special in your list? hehe

(ntah betul ke x BI aku ni)hahaa

p/s : nk betulkan komen kt atas ni..hehe

AFITI on 07 February, 2009 said...

i think..not important to list who is..huhuh..wait and wait maa..woha!


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