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Monday, 19 January 2009

An Artist And Counseling Student

Lyn with her project,..in studio,..!

Assalamulaikum, hye!

The time is already 10.30 pm. Actually, this idea come out , without thinking too much. I would like to share with bloggers about an artist student; my roomate. She is my junior, and we are sharing too much stories together. I'm happy because she is my roomate. Im never felt heart shifted with her and she is good. Hopefully, she will be a good educator soon. We are very understanding about personal. She said that "Akak" humor, like to make joke,.humble ( wah..gituw..!Too arrogant la pulak!hehe~im said in my heart). Sometimes, i'm quite ting tong..Haha.. She is like my sister too because she is among the best junior that i meet. She is very matured and not arrogant. Conclusion, we are sharing alot together. She likes to ask for my opinion and if she having any questions in her cognitive, she will ask me..she likes to talk and sharing too. So, to strenghten our relationship, i like to listen and understanding. The most important thing is, H-O-N-E-S-T is needed. We are laughing together and im also like to sharing with her...So, this semester, my room will see for our distinguishing mark between counseling and an artist,. student .

You know, she also likes to talk and ask me about counseling and psychology. Meanwhile, i like an art too because, my personality is S, A, E. (Social, Art, Enterprising). I think her personality is (A, S, E). Maybe. I like to listen about an art from her, and i'm very proud of her because she is having abilities in arts. I like to make combination about an art and counseling. I tried to explain what i was learnt from psychology and counseling aspects about the personality of artist . It is all about, "Sharing"..My english is too weak is it..? Never mind...! I believe i can fly..huhuhu...

Very fine and artistic art!

Enough for this night!..I want to do others activities for this cloudless night! My assignments is too much...!huhu..but, i still spend my time to write in this blog,..because it is ALL ABOUT MY HOBBY..,

Thank You,..

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