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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Night For Today


The time is 2.49 am. For 5 days im not write any issues for this blog. Taking a rest is most important for my self; to give a chance for my life feel free. Perhaps, im focus for my another blog. Huhu. I'm too tired because thinking many things and drafting for my target; what i need to improve for this year and how to manage it. I hope this year will fulfill with meaningful life. So, just surrender to Allah. I need to alert and corncern about it. I need to plan because the only 5 years, my age will 28 years. Ouch!Too old and i will loss if im not ready for it. I'm praying to God, as long as; this year will be my lucky year. I'm spending many times to read the blog.

Now, im addicting to read the blog, because i like to read the ways bloggers think. Maybe you're thinking it is waste your time is it?. My lecturer, En.Aziz said, if you do something stressly, you do not get anything, so you need to enjoy what you do. Eg. create the blog. Do not do it stressly. Just you know what you are doing. So, the conclusion, for what he said, we need to sincere and enjoy in what we do..! Besides, i will obtain many inputs for the issues. Im spending too much time for my hobbies. Because i like to do the job in my hobbies; it mean 2 in one. Surely, you will not understand what i mean is it?. Huhu..never mind! I write this entry after finishing the paperwork; for my assignment. And now, i read the bloggers input for today. I don't care if my english is too poor but, im trying to write. I like to speak english, but it is possible i will improve my english soon. I will sleep 3.30 am and got to go now. 8.00 am i need to go for "Counseling and Management Class". Okeyh,.Big hugs and kissing: the only one; for my self not you!.Wohaa..!

"Reading is the Bridge of Knowledge". So, read the blogs and books.

Thank You,..

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