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Friday, 24 April 2009



Assalamualaikum. Ellowpz

Nothing to do. Actually, my book crying as long as they want I read them. Huhu. I want to post one more entry. Give me one chance okeyh! What the precious thing in your life? I am not materialistic. But one more I do not want to lose and I do not want it far from me. What? Try to guess. Hehe. Of course my glasses!

I am looking nerd because my spectacles. Actually, I am specky girl while I was too young. I do still remember that I am in standard 5 my father invited me went to optometrist to check my eyes because I have problem to read. I like to read too much while I was in standard. I am struggle girl to get 5A's in UPSR. So, I was well-known as a book warm. Perhaps, too much reading and posture while studying was not in good condition. So, I was using the glasses untill right now. But sometimes, I think that, people need to appreciate their eyes and need to care what Allah gives to us. My beautiful eyes is get under cover by glasses. Huhu. Sometimes, I took contact lens if I am not rushing to go to class.

The moral of value is, we are need to appreciate what Allah lends to us. To get the dreams, we need to care what we have.

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