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Friday, 24 April 2009

Social Networking

Assalamualaikum. Hye!

Today I woke up very late because last night I cannot sleep well. Nothing trouble in my mind, but maybe I am a blog walker like to read others blogs. I woke up while I had stomachace. So, I run quickly to the ladies. Maybe I ate too much noodle for my dinner. Hye guys! I do not want to bubling, too much. Let's focus for our discussion topic. I am cutting off my self right now. Hoho

What your opinion about social networking? I was read form donutz 's blog about this topic and I like it. So, this ideas come from her. Let's read what the content from her blog.

"The word of Social Networking maybe is not a strange word to be heard. The social networking program is very popular among the people both in the developed countries or countries in the developing because we can easily find a person we looking for or find a new friend or even do business cooperation with various people from various countries in the world without have to spend a lot of money to make a phone call to other country, all you need to do is have an internet connection at home."

But she (donutz) was focuses for acobay networking.

So,I (Afiti) think I should explain about my opinion too. Social networking for the counseling perspectives is you need to started your relationship with others. That's mean relationship among human and human. Do not too shy to start it. Maybe some of you do not like to link with others, so from now we need to do it. It is too easy to start just one smile you will know others because when you smile others will interest to speak with you. What the benefit for , you will know soon. Next, try to speak with others. While you speak, you need to know the content. What the content you needs to discuss? First, maybe you can ask someone about his/her background and make sure that you know other persons with a positive thinking. Do not too prejudice to others and try to build the relationship fidelity. InsyaAllah, Allah will care both of you. Try to speak one by one as long as others will understand to you and do not too over. The tips is, you need to humble while talking to others and try to learn smoothly. Please make sure that you're good listener too. So, others will feel comfortable with you. Betterly, try to talk something is from you heart about an issues and do not too emotional. It is not mean you know many people you are like publisity. Not! It is not mean you want to famous. Totally not! Because your personality is social dominant and you are easy going it is the package for you too. You need to low your egoistic while talking with others. If you do not have this package, how? I was explain to you is it, to start with a smile and do not shy to talk. But it is not mean you need to talkative. Over talkative is also big problems. Huhu.

Social networking is important for you in you social life especially for those who are working in social fields like counselor, teacher, politician and others. I think If you are in emergency case, surely you want to contact the people who are experts to handle it. So, this is the chances for you and that's why social networking is important. As a student, social networking with your teachers or lecturers also crutial. It is not mean you want to get best mark from them, it is totally fault. Do not use this advantage for your personal interest but social networking will give you win-win situation to both of you. Maybe you can plan other project to do If you know many people and you also will easy to realise it.

You need to avoid the social networking to corrupt others. Eg: Your friend is a police. You are involved in criminal and you contact him to ask a help as long he will help you free from the law. It is not professional and from ethic's perspectives, you are not good in social networking because you are maladaptives. So, strenghten social networking in positive ways and you will get many benefits. It is not loss to you if you recognizable many people. Instead of, you will get many benefits because in this recent life, you cannot live alone. So, social networking is very important to us and I hope you will be good social networker.

I am so sorry If I have done many grammar mistakes. But, before I want to go study to abroad, I want to learn english. Just my dreams. Who wants to dream if not your self, right. Huhu.

"Big heart With A Fantastic Dream"

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