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Friday, 24 April 2009

Short Story


I try harder and harder to jott something down on this blog again. A few days I did not write any entry. Too much priority need to settle down. Actually, I was settle my first paper for Cross Culture's Subject. No comment and the scale I can answered the question also I cannot describe. Just surrender to God. However I was sacrifice and put my most excellent to answer. This night I want to have a rest and read short stories by surfing the google. I read short story about The Music On The Hill by Saki.

Actually, too much vocab I need to refer the dictionary. Very difficult but, I still confuse. I was certaintly success If I try harder. Fuh! This night, listening to music make me calm and of course my mind was in therapeutic condition. Uncounscious condition, how the times fly away. Next term, I will sit for semester 7. The time is like the water. Thesis projects is most important and money need to prepare. Money and money. Money is like the water too. How can I survive for my life without money. No money, no talk really?

Do you want to see my last moment picture while I was in standard 2, ..I think (1994)? Suddenly, I found this picture, so I uploaded on to this blog.
My father, my mum, my self and my siblings.
(Zaman Kejahilan Diri)

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