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Monday, 9 February 2009

"Kampung Girl"

Taraa!!! It is my favourite.
My Favourite as a village girl..hehe
Vege soup
Fried Eggs and ikan kering..hehe


Today make me very satisfied to serve my simple meals. The most I like is ulam-ulam because while I was at my village, it is my food routine especially petai and jering. Kak Fida went to market and she bought me some petai and Dewi returned from Dr.Ezani's garden with abundance of jering. She never forget to bring me some jering because she knows that I like to eat ulam-ulam. Thanks Dewi and Kak Fida.

While I was at Thailand, I learn from my granny and my late grand father to eat vegetables. I'm a vegetarian. My auntie told me like "Kambing a.k.a goat" because I like to eat green vegetables especially ulam-ulam. While I was 6 years, I ate petai and jering too much untill I had stomachache. From that, I like to eat this vegetables untill now. Mybe, If I have the chances to learn at oversea, I want to bring it too. Hehe. Tempoyak, cencaluk, budu and all village food style, I love to eat. So, I'm not too strict and not a food chooser. I eat everything that I can eat.

You can learn to eat these types of vegetables because you can get many benefits especially for your health; to maintain your kidneys and blood's circle . Not many teenagers like to eat this "ulam-ulam". For me, it is very delicious and you can try it.

Thank You,.

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Zalisa Maz @ ZN Isa on 10 February, 2009 said...

awatlah tayang lauk2 kampung ni? lapaq akak rasa :D

AFITI on 10 February, 2009 said...

hehe..suka gak erk..jom mkn..hehe


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