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Thursday, 22 January 2009


Assalamualaikum. Hye!

The time : 7.50 pm. I'm tired; for a whole day i fulfilled my time at campus. After class 11.00 a.m, i went to library. Book's Event changed my mood. But, not too much book were sold. No choices. I'm just look and not bought any book. 12.30 pm, I went to my lecturer's office because to settle down something. 2.00 p.m, I rushed for Zuhur at KDP and waited my friend for Ethic's disscussion at 3.00 p.m and read the thesis; written by my senior. Malek, Faiz, Chik, Aida, Niena, and I, selected study case for our assignment. At 4.30 pm, Aida and I went to "Consumer Event" at SITC. Many things were sold like scarf, food, t-shirt, shoes, jewelleries, busana, and etc. At, 5.20 p.m returned to my collague early because Aida was promised to exercise and played badminton with Aina and Suhana. I bought busana. Took a long time to make a decision to choose which one that I like. At home, too frusted because busana which is (L) size; not fit my body. Oh no,..! It is suit but, for my B_ _ _ o _ not suit..Astaghfirullhalazim.Hishhhhhhh!........ Maybe I'm too fat now.(Boonchit!)

After Asar, i switched on the laptop and surfed my blog. Many comments I got; but i turned off the laptop for a while and Dila, my junior said she was hungry. So, we suggested to cook "Beehoon Tomyam". I gave the suggestion; and Dila helped me to cut the onion, vegetables and all the ingredients. So, I started my experiments. Beehoon Tomyam finished. Get ready to eat.

Simple Ingredients:

1. Lemon-Grass
2. Cabbages
4. (Daun Limau Purut)
5. Chillies
6. Lemon Juice
7. Onion (Red and White)-hehe
8.Young Ginger
9. Tost (ikan bilis)- at collegue don't have( chicken or meat)

1. Oil
2. Water

1. Beehoon ( Put the hot water to get smooth)

It is very simple ingredients (as a student) and the cooked style: Depend on situation and what we have at the time.

~ P/s I got something for today from Dr.Alya~

Thank You, for Today..,

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